Micron Health and Safety Precautions Against COVID-19

Information for customers, suppliers, contractors, vendors and visitors

Micron is committed to maintaining a safe and healthy workplace, and the overall safety of our team members, customers, contractors, vendors and visitors is our top priority. With the increase in novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases globally, we have proactively implemented health screenings at many of our global sites and travel restrictions. We believe that the uncertainty surrounding the developing novel coronavirus situation warrants applying an abundance of caution.

As governments across the globe lift, prepare to lift or ease restrictions on businesses with remote workers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Micron is developing return to on-site work protocols  to prioritize the health and safety of our teams (Micron COVID-19 playbook). We are carefully assessing risk in each location to protect our teams and support business needs. We are planning to take a phased approach to having team members return to work on-site over time. The exact timing for team members to return to the office will vary by location, job role and business needs.

Meanwhile, we will continue to enforce the strong preventative measures we implemented at our sites from the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, and deploy new protocols as needed, to maximize safety. These include putting health screenings in place, requiring social distancing, establishing team separation protocols at all our sites, prohibiting visitors, suspending business travel, and requiring teams to wear masks at Micron sites. We continue to monitor our operations to ensure we safeguard our 37,000 team members in 18 countries, while continuing operations at all our sites across the globe.

Company Update

On June 29, 2020, Micron executives shared an update on the business during the COVID-19 pandemic in our third quarter of fiscal 2020 financial results. View the press release, presentation and prepared remarks for more information. Our next business update is expected during our next quarterly financials tentatively scheduled for September 29, 2020. 

Micron COVID-19 Playbook

We’re taking a phased approach in bringing team members back to on-site work through our workplace and team member readiness plans. Our priority is to make sure the work environment continues to be safe for everyone. Read Micron’s COVID-19 Playbook to learn more about our guiding principles, our journey to on-site work and more.

Micron Business Continuity

We have activated Micron’s business continuity, supply chain and risk management processes across our global supply network and beyond the known affected regions. We will continue to monitor and mitigate identified potential risks through alternative qualified sources.

Micron and Industry Events

As part of our commitment to protect the health and well-being of our team members, customers, partners and suppliers, all Micron events will be hosted virtually through the remainder of 2020. In addition, Micron team members will attend industry events or meetings hosted by others in accordance with internal health safety-related guidelines, which consider several factors, including local conditions and Micron's travel policy. For all industry tradeshows, conferences, trainings, seminars and workshops, our involvement will be virtual participation. 

Overall Travel and Site Health Protocols

Micron has put specialized measures, including travel and health screenings, in place for all countries. All team members, contractors, suppliers or visitors must self-quarantine if they have traveled outside the immediate area, by air, sea, rail or bus in the past 14 days. This applies to both business and personal travel.

Global Business Travel Guidance

We recommend that all global nonessential travel by our customers, contractors or suppliers, regardless of location, be delayed where business allows.

Visitors to Micron Sites

External visitors, suppliers, vendors or contractors should not come to a Micron site unless there is a business-critical need. This guidance includes people visiting our site for business meetings. If meetings can be conducted online or via video conference, we encourage you to conduct business using available online tools.

Site Health Protocols

Team members, contractors or suppliers traveling outside the immediate area, by air, sea, rail or bus are required to notify their direct supervisors, hosts or local Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) teams. They will not be allowed to return to a Micron site for 14 days. Day one is counted as the first day after they have returned from the trip.

Health Screenings

Our trained security teams will carry out temperature screenings for anyone entering our sites where health screenings have been implemented. All team members, customers, contractors, vendors or visitors who are exhibiting novel coronavirus symptoms, such as the following, are prohibited from entering a Micron site. These include:

  • Fever (body temperature at or higher than 38°C or 100.4°F)
  • Respiratory illness (cough, shortness of breath)
  • Any other symptoms that are determined to be associated with this virus

We encourage team members or visitors who may be exhibiting novel coronavirus symptoms to immediately seek medical care and avoid Micron facilities and other public places.

Preventative Measures

We have deployed additional protective measures at many of our sites in accordance with our business continuity plans that are based upon localized risk. Some of these measures may include:

  • Screening the health of anyone entering our site
  • Making surgical masks available
  • Providing hand washing materials including soap and disinfectant (hand sanitizer) in all restrooms
  • Providing disinfectant (hand sanitizer) at all entry points and elevator locations (mandatory use at all entry points by all personnel entering the facility
  • Mandating that security screening teams wear appropriate personal protective gear
  • Conducting additional cleaning, at least once a day, of common contact areas, including stairwells, elevators and door handles

Business Continuity

Micron is committed to being a resilient organization that operates efficiently, with minimal disruption. Our programs that support this commitment enable our company to better anticipate disruptions, adapt to events, and provide reliable service.

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