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Thanks to the performance, portability, and battery life delivered by today's ultrathin devices, we are free to connect, communicate, and collaborate like never before. Micron's industry-leading DRAM, SSD, and SPI NOR Flash solutions balance performance, power, size, and cost...

Transforming raw data into enlightened, insightful business intelligence.

Industry leaders agree – the underlying infrastructure of today’s data centers needs an overhaul to keep up with the rate of big data inflation. Hear from several who believe optimized flash solutions are the key to building simple, agile, less expensive systems that scale.

Increase your performance and reduce your footprint implementing SAS SSDs vs. HDDs

This video focuses on the new ROI: return on infrastructure. It’s hosted by noted analysts Rob Peglar and Greg Schultz.

Watch Andrew Mierau show you the benefits of SAS SSDs in your Data Center, and how one single Micron S650DC SSD can replace an entire array of SAS HDDs.

Speakers Rob Peglar, Greg Schulz and Doug Rollins discuss SAS SSDs: market observations, challenges from our customers, modernization, customer stories and Q&A.

Discover how new silicon breakthroughs help next generation data centers meet key challenges. See how Micron is partnering with customers and leading the way, enabling business insight from silicon to systems.

Darren Thomas, Mark Glasgow and Rob Peglar discuss why flash is the future of storage, and why Micron is leading the storage revolution.

This video focuses on the SAS market today—where it’s growing and where SAS drives are going. It’s hosted by noted analysts Rob Peglar and Greg Schultz.