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Thanks to the performance, portability, and battery life delivered by today's ultrathin devices, we are free to connect, communicate, and collaborate like never before. Micron's industry-leading DRAM, SSD, and SPI NOR Flash solutions balance performance, power, size, and cost...

IT manager Nick McKinney Increases Speed and Battery Life with Micron® Client Solid State Drives, and Monitors Drive Health with Storage Executive Software

Ron Behnke, the Hastings Public School District Computer Technician, Saves Time and Power, and Increases Durability and Speed with Micron® Solid State Drives

From laptops to mobile phones to connected cars and homes, memory and storage are helping change how the world works, plays, communicates and connects. Check out this behind the scenes look at Micron’s state of the art fabrication process for how memory chips are made – from...

Micron Opens Fab 10 Expanded Singapore NAND Flash Memory Fabrication Facility

A world of ideas, memories, and knowledge – accessed, managed, and connected in ways never imagined. Memory makes it all possible.

Strategically located close to our customers’ design and manufacturing teams, our hands-on customer labs are team-oriented environments. They’re equipped with leading-edge tools and equipment, and they’re run by Micron experts who are focused on helping our customers succeed.

Meeting our customers’ stringent quality standards for memory solutions demands a commitment every bit as great as our commitment to innovation. Micron team members across the organization fulfill their roles — from purchasing and supply chain to manufacturing and sales —...

Transforming raw data into enlightened, insightful business intelligence.

Mark Durcan welcomes new President and CEO Sanjay Mehrotra to Micron as he takes the helm of the company in this video introduction.