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The Micron blog features videos and posts that discuss cutting-edge technology innovations about our memory and storage as well as our participation at industry events and community outreach programs.

An exciting new chapter for Micron begins this week as Sanjay Mehrotra becomes president and CEO and a member of the board of directors effective May 8. From co-founding and leading SanDisk from start-up to its eventual sale in 2016, to holding more than 70 patents in the area...

  • Publication Date: 05/08/2017
  • Author: Corporate Communication

Having been around the IT block a few times in my career, it strikes me that the industry in general, and storage specifically, are cyclical in nature. From centralized mainframes, to distributed client/server implementations and back again, much of the forward motion depends...

  • Publication Date: 05/17/2017
  • Author: Ann Allyn

Innovation is clearly a key element of our company's culture and success. Our team members push new boundaries and solve the problems that are opening up new possibilities for what memory can do in the world. It is important that we have a forum to recognize the tremendous...

  • Publication Date: 05/18/2017
  • Author: Scott DeBoer

One of the main enablements of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) and self-driving/autonomous cars is greater computing power. According to Intel, approximately 1 GB/s of data will need to be processed, stored and then analyzed quickly enough —in less than one second in...

  • Publication Date: 05/11/2017
  • Author: Robert Bielby

We have a problem. A data problem. We have too much of it. Estimates are 163 zettabytes of data created by 2025. Zettabytes. Whoa. Data is not going anywhere, so now we are faced with the challenge of rethinking how we store it, manage it and deliver it.

  • Publication Date: 05/22/2017
  • Author: Doug Rollins

”With a self-driving car, you can expect to see additional demand for memory that is disconnected from the driving,” said Steven Woo, distinguished inventor and vice president of systems and solutions at Rambus. He added that DRAM is a logical choice because of cost and speed,...

  • Publication Date: 05/24/2017
  • Author: Axel Schiller

Micron produced our first Sustainability report in November 2016 and this week released our follow-up 2017 report, putting us on a cycle of annually produced, spring sustainability reporting.

  • Publication Date: 05/19/2017
  • Author: Corporate Communication

During a private ceremony with its suppliers, the Alibaba Procurement Department recognized its leading partners for excellence in four different categories. Alibaba recently named Micron its Delivery Partner of the Year, out of 2,000 suppliers.

  • Publication Date: 05/25/2017
  • Author: Mike Prieto

In February, Mark Durcan announced his desire to retire as Micron’s CEO. After a rigorous and thorough search for his replacement, the board of directors has announced that SanDisk co-founder and former president and CEO Sanjay Mehrotra will join Micron as president and CEO...

  • Publication Date: 05/05/2017
  • Author: Corporate Communication