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Manufacturers around the world must protect their intellectual property (IP) in everything from consumer electronics to wired and wireless communications equipment.

Product Information

Our e.MMC embedded memory combines a high-capacity NAND Flash memory device with a high-speed, MultiMediaCard (MMC) controller in a single package. Find out how you can get the performance and reliability you need and still get to market quickly using this cost-effective...

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e.MMC Part Catalog

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e.MMC for Automotive Part Catalog

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Access all software documentation and software support packs for Micron's e.MMC products.

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e.MMC Obsolete Part Catalog

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Our fully managed devices like eMMC, UFS and SSDs help make technology transitions nearly seamless by handling media management and error correction code (ECC) internally.

Product Comparison

Offering designers a basic understanding of the features and benefits of each type of NAND Flash in order to select the proper device.

For most of us, the Internet of Things (IoT) brings to mind visions of talking refrigerators and self-driving cars—things that still seem pretty “far out there” but are much easier to fathom today than they were, say, 10 years ago when the focus of the Internet was on...

  • Publication Date: 02/16/2015
  • Author: Amit Gattani

The single chip module (SCM) solution spans across many applications that are looking to reduce physical size and complexity. By using the SCM, most of the design work is done for you and it results in smaller products. The embedded business unit ecosystem team has been...

  • Publication Date: 07/21/2015
  • Author: Jim Cooke