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DDR4 is the newest iteration in DRAM, loaded with new features that improve reliability, speed, power, and stacking capabilities. With data rates reaching 2400 Mb/s, DDR4 increases performance up to 50% over DDR3. DDR4 also delivers a 20% reduction in voltage over...

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DDR4 SDRAM Part Catalog

Product Information

DDR4 SDRAM for Automotive Part Catalog

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DDR4 SDRAM Obsolete Part Catalog

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DDR4 SDRAM solutions are ideal for high-end enterprise and storage systems as well as cloud server providers that support applications requiring large memory footprints, such as in-memory databases and real-time analytics.

Product Comparison

DDR3 SDRAM to DDR4 SDRAM comparison chart

Product Information

Whether your design requires high bandwidth, low power, high density, ultra-low latency, or high speed, we have the DRAM solution for you.

Hello from ISC! The International Super Computing show is now in full swing here in Frankfurt, Germany. This is the first year ISC is being held in Frankfurt and my impression is very positive. Yesterday afternoon was the official opening of the show floor, which was followed...

  • Publication Date: 07/23/2015
  • Author: Dean Klein

Time-to-market and the ability to “tweak” an existing design to achieve that next level of performance are paramount for system architects, board designers, layout engineers, and others responsible for developing high-performance, cost-sensitive, dependable systems. But if...

  • Publication Date: 09/25/2013
  • Author: Tom Kinsley

Back again with part 3 of my blog series outlining the features and benefits of Micron’s HMC. My last post covered HMC’s abstracted memory management, simplified and scalable interface, and superior performance.

  • Publication Date: 11/20/2013
  • Author: Tom Kinsley