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Software Documentation

Access all software drivers for Micron's Serial NAND Flash products.

Product Information

Serial NAND Flash Part Catalog

Serial NAND Flash Obsolete Part Catalog

Product Information

Micron does more than design and manufacture NAND Flash memory. We strive to solve design challenges through better engineering—by raising the bar on NAND products that cover everything from mobile to embedded, to enterprise storage applications.

Product Comparison

Offering designers a basic understanding of the features and benefits of each type of NAND Flash in order to select the proper device.

Smaller, faster, cheaper – This is the tenet of most companies designing consumer devices for a few decades now. Every component being designed-in is scrutinized to keep the device form factor small without compromising performance and cost. To push the envelope around overall...

  • Publication Date: 06/30/2016
  • Author: Sundar Ranganathan

Single-level cell (SLC) NAND is increasingly the memory of choice for boot and application code storage due to increased density needs and lower cost. Serial NAND Flash with industry standard serial peripheral interface is the next evolution of SLC NAND as it enables small...

  • Publication Date: 12/15/2016
  • Author: Aravind Ramamoorthy

Micron's FBGA & Component Marking Decoder makes it easy to lookup the five-digit FBGA code or part number. Just plug in the code and click search.

Provides the serialize function for the serial peripheral interface (SPI) controller for Micron’s serial NAND Flash devices.

  • Last Updated: 12/28/2011
  • File Type: ZIP

SPI NAND GPL drivers for 50 series NAND.

  • Last Updated: 06/24/2011
  • File Type: ZIP