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Product Information

Get the critical features and functions for your design—including high performance, high quality, power efficiency, wide density ranges, small package sizes, and industrial temperature ranges—from our broad portfolio of industry-standard multichip packages (MCPs).

Product Information

Get high performance, small form factors, simple board design, low pin count, and low power consumption for space-constrained applications—where low density and low power matter most—with our NOR MCPs.

Product Information

NOR-Based MCP Part Catalog


MCP’s or Multi Chip Packages as they are commonly referred to in the memory industry, are single packages with multiple memory devices inside. While the traditional definition of an MCP could include packages with multiple die of the same technology (like DRAM, NOR or NAND),...

  • Publication Date: 06/28/2016
  • Author: Jim Cooke

This NOR cross-reference tool is intended for comparing Micron’s products with other competitor products.

For most people, a wearable is synonymous with a smartwatch or a fitness monitor, devices that have grown over the years into mature products. While there continues to be room for innovation in each of these device categories, both have “crossed the chasm” – a marketing...

  • Publication Date: 02/11/2016
  • Author: Harsha Nagaraju

Micron's FBGA & Component Marking Decoder makes it easy to lookup the five-digit FBGA code or part number. Just plug in the code and click search.

Part numbering guide for Micron NOR MCP, NAND MCP, PoP and AiO products.

  • Last Updated: 02/21/2018
  • File Type: PDF

N3M0219081x5510E/F 512Mb (x16, multiple partition, multilevel, burst) M18, 45nm, ADMUX, AADMUX flash memory + 128Mb (burst) PSRAM, 1.8V supply, MCP

  • Last Updated: 09/30/2011
  • File Type: PDF


  • Last Updated: 04/29/2014
  • File Type: PDF