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The Micron Storage Marketing team has seen the data center/cloud market increasingly break into segments differentiated by specific demands of endurance, performance and competitive price. While the read many/write few workloads of many 'enterprise lite' deployments could be...

Learn how the 5100 ECO SSD helped Cashman Photo store more of their ever-expanding data in a smaller footprint while providing faster file access and asset transmission.

Hear how the 5100 ECO has dramatically improved access times to patient data while taking up less space at San Benito Medical Associates.

Meet the demands of your enterprise IT and cloud service applications with Micron 5100 SSD's high performance and capacity, coupled with enterprise-class reliability.

"See the possibilities of an all-flash storage infrastructure with an industry-leading 8 TB, low latency, tunable SSD: The Micron 5100.

The ability to process and analyze data quickly to enable business decisions is imperative in today’s environment. See how Bloomberg and SAP are leveraging flash storage to deliver a competitive advantage to their customers.