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Most businesses depend on a core data center infrastructure for daily operations. The heart of a successful data center has several requirements; including, high performance, high availability for immediate access to mission-critical assets, and scalability and manageability...

We found that the 5200 PRO SSDs generated far greater business throughput (NOPM) than the baseline configuration to bring more value to OLTP workloads on a Microsoft SQL Server.

Engineered on industry-leading 64-layer 3D NAND, the Micron 5200 SSD delivers best-in-class performance and capacity on the same proven architecture as the 5100 series.

Technical Brief

Discusses performance states for NAND-based SSDs and discusses performance measured as variability over time and amount of data written.

  • Last Updated: 08/23/2016
  • File Type: PDF

eXtended Performance and Enhanced Reliability Technology (XPERT) is a suite of Micron-designed storage architecture enhancements that greatly improve SSD performance and reliability. XPERT extends drive life and ensures data integrity.

  • Last Updated: 02/11/2013
  • File Type: PDF

This technical marketing brief details and compares the key data path protection features that are designed into Micron’s RealSSD™ client and enterprise drives.

  • Last Updated: 11/29/2011
  • File Type: PDF

Despite their deceptively similar appearance, SSDs are not functionally identical to rotating drives (HDDs). This technical marketing brief focuses on one key way in which these devices differ: the effect that traffic patterns have on write performance.

  • Last Updated: 12/13/2012
  • File Type: PDF

SSDs write data differently than conventional rotating hard drives (HDDs)—in a multistep process versus a single-step process. This brief examines the multistep write process for SSDs.

  • Last Updated: 04/19/2012
  • File Type: PDF

Learn how Micron's AF-4 All-Flash vSAN Ready Node enables 10X more NOPM and 4.4X lower average latency for OLTP than a similarly equipped hybrid design.

  • Last Updated: 03/22/2017
  • File Type: PDF

Learn how to over-provision Micron’s M600 SSD to enable data center applications.

  • Last Updated: 06/05/2015
  • File Type: PDF