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Learn how the Micron 5100 MAX SSD enables more users and faster, better results for demanding databases

  • Last Updated: 08/02/2017
  • File Type: PDF

This technical brief explains how Micron 5100 ECO SSDs enable faster response times, smaller environmental footprint in MongoDB clusters

  • Last Updated: 07/28/2017
  • File Type: PDF

Learn about the security features of Micron's 5100 self-encrypting SSD .

  • Last Updated: 06/07/2017
  • File Type: PDF

5100 ECO SSDs help drive value from your existing platform investment through better resource utilization.

  • Last Updated: 08/10/2017
  • File Type: PDF

Find out about the small random IOPS and average latency benefits that vSAN 6.5 offers, based on tests performed using our own Micron Accelerated Solutions all-flash vSAN platforms.

  • Last Updated: 06/01/2017
  • File Type: PDF

This technical brief explores why 5100 MAX SSDs are a mainstay of high performance, low latency IT systems. 5100 MAX SSDs are tailored to meet the needs of high performance and latency sensitive workloads.

  • Last Updated: 06/05/2017
  • File Type: PDF

Learn how Micron 5100 ECO SDDs drive better BI systems for better results.

  • Last Updated: 05/11/2017
  • File Type: PDF

Learn how the Micron® 5100 ECO SSD can provide more value from your data with large-scale business intelligence (BI) systems.

  • Last Updated: 09/15/2017
  • File Type: PDF

This technical brief highlights how the Micron® 8TB 5100 ECO SSD can help tame data growth, reduce cluster complexity, improve delivery and cut licensing costs for your Cassandra cluster.

  • Last Updated: 09/19/2017
  • File Type: PDF

This technical brief highlights the performance advantages we measured when we compared two 4- node Cassandra clusters – one built with HDDs (legacy), the other build with our 5100 ECO Enterprise SSD. We also explore some implications of these results.

  • Last Updated: 03/21/2017
  • File Type: PDF