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Encryption of stored data is widely accepted as an effective and efficient way to protect sensitive information. In some industries, such as finance and health care, encryption is rapidly becoming a requirement as government regulators strive to ensure personal privacy...

At Micron, we’ve been building secure SSDs, with hardware-based encryption, and leveraging well-recognized industry standards for the past several years. Just in the past several months, we’ve taken the next step and added government certifications in the form of the FIPS...

  • Publication Date: 06/06/2017
  • Author: Jon Tanguy

Watch the Spiceworks On the Air webcast featuring Scott Shadley from Micron that discusses how security and encryption work on flash storage. In addition, learn how Abasi Aniton uses SSDs to protect students’ data.

The need for IO speed is particularly acute in the financial services industry. With more than $275B being traded every day worldwide, any slight performance advantage can reap major profits, whereas even the smallest performance degradation can result in huge financial losses.

  • Last Updated: 06/02/2017
  • File Type: PDF

In the Fiercely Competitive Financial Services Industry, Modern Data Storage Isn’t Optional

  • Last Updated: 08/15/2018
  • File Type: PDF

Micron SSDs are built with advanced security technology to keep your data private and to protect the integrity of the SSD and its firmware.

  • Last Updated: 11/14/2017
  • File Type: PDF

Learn about the basics of over-provisioning and how to adjust the over-provisioning of Micron's client SSDs using our Storage Executive software for Microsoft Windows operating systems for optimal performance

  • Last Updated: 06/29/2016
  • File Type: PDF

This document describes how to run the ATA SECURITY ERASE command on Micron SATA SSDs using the Linux utility Parted Magic.

  • Last Updated: 07/15/2014
  • File Type: PDF

This document provides an overview of the SMART parameters available with the Micron M500 SSD, firmware version MU02.

  • Last Updated: 08/19/2013
  • File Type: PDF

This technical note describes the SMART feature set available for Micron's client SATA SSDs.

  • Last Updated: 09/29/2016
  • File Type: PDF