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Industry leaders agree – the underlying infrastructure of today’s data centers needs an overhaul to keep up with the rate of big data inflation. Hear from several who believe optimized flash solutions are the key to building simple, agile, less expensive systems that scale.

Micron’s flash storage solutions help companies deliver faster time-to-market for important IT initiatives and derive greater insight from their data by building a more sustainable and agile infrastructure.

Transforming raw data into enlightened, insightful business intelligence.

Increase your performance and reduce your footprint implementing SAS SSDs vs. HDDs

Watch Andrew Mierau show you the benefits of SAS SSDs in your Data Center, and how one single Micron S650DC SSD can replace an entire array of SAS HDDs.

The live webcast event from the Micron Storage Solutions Center in Austin, Texas, to announce our new suite of SSDs and Micron Accelerated Solutions. Watch the webcast now and hear how we have partnered with leading hardware and software companies across the industry to...

Built for performance, efficiency and low latency, check out the new 9200 SSD with NVMe™.

Rob discusses the importance and role of new technologies and the ever increasing need to incorporate innovative data storage solutions, using these technologies, to address current business challenges and new business opportunities – the art of the possible.

Database Administrators and Storage Administrators are often locked in a never-ending battle. DBAs need very specific performance and resiliency requirements for different parts of their databases and their associated IO profiles, so they have to accept the ensuing complexity:...

The Micron Storage Marketing team has seen the data center/cloud market increasingly break into segments differentiated by specific demands of endurance, performance and competitive price. While the read many/write few workloads of many 'enterprise lite' deployments could be...