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Back in January of this year, we acquired a company named Virtensys, along with a technology that enables I/O virtualization (IOV) through PCIe sharing. This has been an exciting acquisition for us because of the opportunities that the technology presents to take full...

  • Publication Date: 08/27/2012
  • Author: Justin Strong

I met with TechFieldDay’s Stephen Foskett at VMWorld yesterday to discuss the benefits fitting the high throughput of PCIe SSDs into a standardized, hot-swappable form factor. This new drive interface is sure to be a popular solution for server-side cache solutions. Watch the...

  • Publication Date: 08/30/2012
  • Author: Scott Shadley

My last tech tip, Hadoop + SSDs Don’t Create Great Value—Yet, generated quite a few discussions, which social media experts tell me is a good thing–and I agree. I think it’s important that we have honest conversations about all use cases for SSDs and Flash in the enterprise.

  • Publication Date: 11/10/2014
  • Author: Doug Rollins

In my last IT Tech Tip blog, I discussed how raw performance is no way to measure value—both in the car industry or the IT industry—and I began to discuss the much-buzzed-about Hadoop and its use with solid state drives (SSDs).

  • Publication Date: 11/05/2014
  • Author: Doug Rollins

Everybody loves fast, right? Instant noodles, instant cocoa, microwave popcorn—yeah, the faster, the better! So why, then, do I drive a Toyota Yaris and not some “fire-breathing monster” of a sports car? It’s simple.

  • Publication Date: 11/03/2014
  • Author: Doug Rollins

A lot has happened since our persistent memory announcement nearly a year ago. So much so that I felt like it was time for quick update. We saw significant interest from major OEMs in our NVDIMM solutions. HPE in particular launched a significant campaign promoting the...

  • Publication Date: 08/16/2016
  • Author: Ryan Baxter

In my last update discussing the significant momentum for NVDIMM I left you hanging a bit—what’s next? First, I’m happy to announce that Micron is currently sampling a 16GB NVDIMM module that will move to production this fall. This doubles the current capacity, providing much...

  • Publication Date: 08/18/2016
  • Author: Ryan Baxter

Micron and Intel revealed details of their revolutionary new NAND—a truly leading-edge storage technology built in three dimensions. This new 3D NAND delivers three times the capacity of existing flash technology, providing a bold new foundation for the wealth of storage...

  • Publication Date: 03/27/2015
  • Author: Alyson Outen

NVDIMM-N allows servers to have their cake and eat it too. The module computes like an RDIMM, but, when the system loses power, the data is backed up to NAND storage. The memory is nonvolatile, because it recovers when the system reboots.

  • Publication Date: 08/10/2017
  • Author: Colby Parkinson

You may have heard that our new P400m enterprise SSD provides workhorse performance and endurance at a competitive price point for data center applications. And, you may be wondering how? The answer is in the custom, onboard MLC NAND Flash. While some enterprise drives offer...

  • Publication Date: 01/22/2013
  • Author: Scott Shadley