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Your computing and mobile devices require the ever-increasing high performance and energy efficiency that the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) interface was designed for. Our UFS 2.1 products — the next-generation successor to the e.MMC 5.1 interface options — are set to enable...

Product Information

Get the performance, reliability, high capacity and power efficiency essential to designing next-generation mobile user experiences with Micron’s innovative 3D NAND products for mobile — including products using the ultra-fast Universal Flash Storage (UFS) interface.

Product Information

Our UFS-based multichip packages (uMCPs) take advantage of the ultra-fast Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.1 controller to provide big performance and power savings in a small footprint for slim designs.

Daisy chain products are constructed as fit and form compatible packages to “live” products and are typically used for solder joint reliability (SJR) testing, board interconnect verification, and characterization of assembly processes. This daisy chain package consists of a...

  • Last Updated: 03/18/2016
  • File Type: PDF

J95Q: 8GB (1 x L94C) e.MMC (PS8225 90s PB v5.0) and 8Gb LPDDR3 (1 x V01M)

  • Last Updated: 12/22/2016
  • File Type: PDF

MT42LxDxxx-DC, MT52LxDxxx-DC, EMB4064B4PB-DV-F, EMBA164B2PR-DV-F, EMB8164B4PT-DV-F, EMF8132A3PB-DV-F, EMF8164A3PK-DV-F

  • Last Updated: 09/07/2016
  • File Type: PDF

Mobile devices are the remote control for the connected life. Give your customers the rich, immersive mobile experience they’re looking for by leveraging our low-power, high-performance memory products and system solutions, deep technical expertise, and dedication to...

Product Information

Some of the smallest applications on the planet can now benefit from one of the world’s smallest 3D NAND die. Micron’s first mobile 3D NAND products — along with our first products based on the Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 2.1 standard — are set to enable unparalleled user...


  • Last Updated: 02/10/2016
  • File Type: ZIP

Today’s consumers are demanding more and more features from their smartphone, including faster connectivity, higher resolution cameras, and faster application performance. However, according to numerous consumer surveys, the number one requested mobile feature is still longer...

  • Publication Date: 02/15/2017
  • Author: Dan Bingham