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Product Information

Meet the demands of your enterprise IT and cloud service applications with Micron 5100 SSD's high performance and capacity, coupled with enterprise-class reliability.

Often when we look at SSD specifications, the first thing that pops out are the ‘hero’ numbers. These are the numbers that manufacturers and their marketing departments use to promote the superiority of their product. They also typically come with a big, giant asterisk...

  • Publication Date: 03/22/2017
  • Author: Andrew Mierau

Imagine if you could adjust SSD capacity and write performance to match the exact applications, workloads and requirements where you’ll use it. What could it mean for the efficiency of your applications? What could it mean for the efficiency of inventory management in your...

  • Publication Date: 01/31/2017
  • Author: Doug Rollins

When I think about what matters in OLTP, the first thing that leaps to my head (and maybe some of yours too) is performance – raw performance. There’s nothing like super-speedy Orders Per Minute (OPM) to get some attention. The faster they go, the more we get, the better.

  • Publication Date: 06/21/2017
  • Author: Doug Rollins
Product Information

Explore news about Micron's 5100 SATA SSD which delivers consistent high performance, market-leading security and endurance, unprecedented flexibility and simplification through a common platform — making it easier for IT managers to transform their data centers into...


  • Last Updated: 08/18/2017
  • File Type: PDF

Learn how our 5100 Series SSD with FlexPro architecture delivers high capacity and high endurance to your data center.

  • Last Updated: 06/22/2017
  • File Type: PDF

Learn how the Micron 5100 MAX SSD enables more users and faster, better results for demanding databases

  • Last Updated: 08/02/2017
  • File Type: PDF

This technical brief explains how Micron 5100 ECO SSDs enable faster response times, smaller environmental footprint in MongoDB clusters

  • Last Updated: 07/28/2017
  • File Type: PDF

Find out about the small random IOPS and average latency benefits that vSAN 6.5 offers, based on tests performed using our own Micron Accelerated Solutions all-flash vSAN platforms.

  • Last Updated: 06/01/2017
  • File Type: PDF