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The 2018 OpenStack Summit starts next week, and we’ll look at how recent Ceph improvements broaden the classes of workloads that are performant in the Ceph ecosystem.

  • Publication Date: 05/15/2018
  • Author: Ryan Meredith

We’ve shown lots of results with different RDBMS platforms and OLTP – what could our Micron 9200 series of SSDs with NVMe™ do for MySQL and OLTP?

  • Publication Date: 12/21/2017
  • Author: Doug Rollins

Years ago (more than I care to admit), we faced some serious limitations when we wanted application performance. We had high RPM hard disk drives (HDDs) – relatively fast, anyway (we thought of 15K RPM HDDs as fast back then, some people still do). When we needed fast and high...

  • Publication Date: 12/06/2017
  • Author: Doug Rollins

This blog is a quick performance review of our new Intel® Purley-based Ceph RA featuring our fastest NVMe drive, the Micron 9200 MAX.

  • Publication Date: 04/24/2018
  • Author: Ryan Meredith

If you are not considering SSD solutions for your container project, you are leaving a lot of performance on the table.

  • Publication Date: 04/26/2018
  • Author: Eric Endebrock

OpenStack Summit 2018 is quickly closing in, and Micron has a new reference architecture to support OpenStack™ cloud storage and content distribution.

  • Publication Date: 04/16/2018
  • Author: Ryan Meredith