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With the release of the world’s first QLC SSD, the Micron 5210 ION, our team has been tinkering away to find ways to further maximize its value with different workloads and enterprise applications.

  • Publication Date: 07/23/2018
  • Author: Dilim Nwobu

SSDs drive results for large data sets, helping you maintain your datacenter’s capacity/performance balance.

  • Publication Date: 07/10/2018
  • Author: Doug Rollins

Micron SATA SSDs deliver with Oracle and OLTP enormous commits per minute, faster and more consistent responses & lower overall CPU utilization with higher CPU-based licensing value.

  • Publication Date: 06/21/2018
  • Author: Doug Rollins

In this blog, we take a quick look at QLC and highlight a few applications that are ideal fits.

  • Publication Date: 06/05/2018
  • Author: Doug Rollins

I went out to dinner w/some friends last month. We went to the best pizza restaurant in town. The place is huge and bustling every night (Fridays are the busiest!). Awesome. What does a very small pizza have to do with storage? I’m glad you asked.

  • Publication Date: 09/07/2017
  • Author: Doug Rollins

We're very interested in the performance of the Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) functionality and how well it performs with solid-state media such as our Micron 5100 SATA SSDs. Based on our experience so far, S2D is a real IO performance beast.

  • Publication Date: 09/25/2017
  • Author: Tony Ansley

Similar to planning for winter, by stocking up on batteries, canned food and fuel, it is also important for embedded manufactures to ensure they are using the correct SSD for their application. Storage drives are at risk in power loss events. Unplanned power interruptions can...

  • Publication Date: 02/15/2017
  • Author: Kristen Hopper

We are in an era where protecting sensitive information is crucially important, protecting data on storage devices is critical at every step in the life cycle of these devices, including at end-of-life and when devices are redeployed to other purposes. Because of this, the...

  • Publication Date: 03/14/2017
  • Author: Jon Tanguy

In today’s era of portability, the days of lugging an 8 or 10lb laptop through the airport are over. SSDs come in slim, caseless, and lightweight form factors that take up less space, enabling even sleeker ultrathin designs. Our mSATA SSDs measure in at about one-third the...

  • Publication Date: 01/15/2013
  • Author: Ben Thiel

Ultrathin notebooks are a new breed of mobile devices that boast the portability of a tablet and the power of a laptop. The broad range of the target market, from business people to college students and even children, means that ”the inside” needs to be tough, versatile, and...

  • Publication Date: 12/19/2012
  • Author: Kris Kido