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This year was a first for me—the first year I attended Electronica China and the third year that Micron participated. From March 17–19, Micron participated at Electronica Shanghai with individual sections covering the embedded applications supported by Micron memory.

  • Publication Date: 04/13/2015
  • Author: James Hawley

In all four examined workloads, NVMe performs significantly better because the storage SW stack is significantly simpler.

  • Publication Date: 08/29/2018
  • Author: Bean Huo

Micron’s customer labs provide customers and ecosystem partners access to world class system engineering expertise.

  • Publication Date: 09/05/2018
  • Author: Barbara Kolbl

Micron recently introduced a new opportunity to enhance secure communication inside the vehicle between the connected gateway and local electronic modules.

  • Publication Date: 07/20/2018
  • Author: Alberto Troia

Micron has a long history and commitment to supporting the automotive market and we are excited play a role in ushering this next generation of in-vehicle experience.

  • Publication Date: 10/11/2018
  • Author: Michael Burk

Micron’s system architecture team works closely with automotive customers and helps them to optimize the system and choose the right memory devices for such black box applications.

  • Publication Date: 07/25/2018
  • Author: Robert Bielby

We are witnessing a revolution in the automobile industry: Consumers expect their car to be an extension of their digital world.

  • Publication Date: 07/24/2018
  • Author: Aaron Boehm

Micron’s introduction of automotive-grade GDDR6 memory is the essential puzzle piece that will enable next-generation autonomous driving today.

  • Publication Date: 03/21/2018
  • Author: Gil Golov

With over 28 years’ commitment to the automotive market, Micron’s LPDDR4 products meet the demands of high-performance automotive applications.

  • Publication Date: 05/31/2018
  • Author: Chris Bueb

Micron has actively worked on solutions to meet automotive system security requirements for over 25 years.

  • Publication Date: 02/26/2018
  • Author: Alberto Troia