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The Micron blog features videos and posts that discuss cutting-edge technology innovations about our memory and storage as well as our participation at industry events and community outreach programs.

We are striving to make “SSD Management Made Easy” more than just a catch phrase. It is driving our efforts to bring the very latest and best technology to market, along with the features and tools that IT managers and end users need to support their Micron SSDs during...

  • Publication Date: 02/24/2015
  • Author: Ben Thiel

The answer is—all of the above! How can that be? Let’s start with the evolutionary attributes first. Quite simply, 3D NAND is still NAND. It’s a block/page-based device with a NAND interface and protocol. This means that controllers and systems that work with conventional...

  • Publication Date: 02/02/2015
  • Author: Kevin Kilbuck

Wrist radios have been staples in comic books and science fiction for decades, but it has been far easier for writers to conjure up a vision than for engineers to realize the technology—until now. If smartphones are now the ubiquitous embodiment of Star Trek's communicator,...

  • Publication Date: 02/27/2015
  • Author: David Henderson

The Micron Foundation is proud to announce a $330,000 gift to the Discovery Center of Idaho, to support the Boise nonprofit in its mission to inspire lifelong interest and learning in science, technology, engineering and math for kids and adults. The donation reflects a shared...

  • Publication Date: 02/05/2015
  • Author: Micron Foundation

Micron is at Dell FRS this week in Las Vegas showcasing our qualified storage portfolio for Dell systems. Our video crew was in the area so they popped in to capture a quick video. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions about Micron storage for Dell systems.

  • Publication Date: 02/12/2015
  • Author: Matt Wokas

Micron Vice President of Memory System Development Dean Klein was recently featured in a KIVI/FOX 9 On Your Side news segment for mentoring Mountain View High School’s Bullbots FIRST Robotics Competition Team in preparation for a competition in April in Salt Lake City.

  • Publication Date: 02/23/2015
  • Author: Corporate Communication

For most of us, the Internet of Things (IoT) brings to mind visions of talking refrigerators and self-driving cars—things that still seem pretty “far out there” but are much easier to fathom today than they were, say, 10 years ago when the focus of the Internet was on...

  • Publication Date: 02/16/2015
  • Author: Amit Gattani

A Micron Field Application Engineer (FAE) brought home top honors from a key customer conference this month. Out of more than 80 semiconductor suppliers, Huawei honored its top five FAEs at the 2015 IC Semiconductor Supplier Conference in Shenzhen, China. Among the winners was...

  • Publication Date: 02/20/2015
  • Author: Alyson Outen

First off, are you wondering, “What the heck is a “SpiceHead?” Well, to the relief of most IT professionals as well as my own, I can reassure you it has nothing to do with the Spice Girls—or with cumin, pepper, sage, or rosemary!

  • Publication Date: 02/16/2015
  • Author: Jon Tanguy