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Customer Service Note

Provides several well-established guidelines for package-on-package (PoP) semiconductor package design and assembly, which requires unique considerations in both the up-front design and the manufacturing process.

  • Last Updated: 05/16/2016
  • File Type: PDF

Explanation of Micron packaging labels and procedures.

  • Last Updated: 10/12/2018
  • File Type: PDF
Customer Service Note

This customer service note describes the standard shipping quantity, box quantity, and types such as tape and reel for Micron's products.

  • Last Updated: 08/16/2018
  • File Type: PDF

This customer service note discusses Micron's conversion of JEDEC customer device-qualification documents to reporting CDM data per JS-002.

  • Last Updated: 11/28/2017
  • File Type: PDF