Mark Helm

Senior Fellow, Advanced Non-Volatile Memory Design

Mark Helm is a Senior Fellow in Non-Volatile Design Engineering at Micron Technology and is responsible for driving future architectures for non-volatile memories.

Mark’s background spans silicon development through system engineering. Currently focused on the advancement of NAND flash memory products, Mark is responsible for creating vertically integrated solutions to improve the cost, performance, power and reliability of Micron’s current and future non-volatile product offerings. This includes highly cross-functional innovations related to silicon processing, device development, memory component architecture and feature development for system integration. In addition, Mark coordinates Micron’s intellectual property assets in the non-volatile memory space, and he is involved in external research organizations.

Mark received his BSEE from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1987 and his MSEE from Stanford University in 1988. He began his career at Cypress Semiconductor working in process development and integration of static RAM memory. In 1993 he joined Micron and spent 15 years involved in process integration and device development of DRAM, NOR flash and NAND flash memory devices, including a lead role in Micron’s first NAND Flash process generations and device development for multi-level cell NAND Flash.

In 2007, Mark joined Apple, Inc., as engineering project manager for NAND Flash in the iPod/iPhone division. Returning to Micron in 2008, he joined non-volatile design engineering where he has played an integral role in delivering Micron’s non-volatile product roadmap through the end of scaling for 2D NAND Flash memory and in delivering key innovations for Micron’s 3D NAND Flash memory.

Mark has authored over 75 U.S. patents and has published papers in key IEEE conferences. He is very active in mentoring engineering talent at Micron and participates in Micron’s recruiting efforts at college campuses.