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China EHS Awards

Micron China Site (MXA)


Safety Standardization Compliance Organization
MXA builds safety standardization system and pass local authority's evaluation in CY2015. This award is to reward the organization that has good performance in the system compliance work. Awarded by Xi'an High Tech Zone (HTZ) Administration of Work Safety.


Fire Protection Excellence Organization
MXA is awarded as fire protection excellence organization in Xi’an city. Awarded by Fire Department of Ministry of Xi'an HTZ.

High-Tech Zone Excellence of Work Safety
MXA is awarded as High-Tech Zone Excellence of Work Safety in CY2014 for good safety performance. Awarded by Xi'an HTZ Administration of Work Safety.

Management Excellence of Special Equipment Management
This is to award MXA with excellence organization in special equipment management in High-tech Zone. Awarded by Xi'an HTZ Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.


Achievement of Environment Target of CY2012
MXA is awarded for the achievement of completing the environment target of CY2012. Awarded by Xi'an HTZ Environment Protection Bureau.

Excellence for Environment Reporting in HTZ district
MXA is awarded as organization of excellence for environment reporting in HTZ district. Awarded by Xi'an HTZ Environment Protection Bureau.