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Business Continuity Governance

Effected by its Board of Directors, Micron’s Enterprise Risk Management effort is structured across three levels: Enterprise Risk Management, Business Continuity Program, and Crisis Management. All three levels rely on risk information to create the appropriate mitigation strategies, business continuity plans, and crisis management plans to protect Micron’s team members, assets, and business.

The Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Steering Team provides the over-arching governance structure for Micron’s Business Continuity Program.

Enterprise Risk Management Steering Team Charter

  • Guide, review and approve Micron’s enterprise risk management activities and resources.
  • Act as the final decision maker for enterprise risk management topics.
  • Report to Micron’s senior executive management and to the Audit Committee or full Board of Directors as required.

The Business Continuity Program (BCP) Committee supports the ERM Steering Team regarding Micron’s BCP activities.

BCP Committee Charter

  • Identify risks, threats and vulnerabilities which may affect Micron’s continued operations and/or its ability to meet customer delivery expectations
  • Provide a framework for risk management that supports organizational resilience and effective event response and business continuity
  • Act as the execution arm for Micron’s ERM Steering Team on business continuity matters