Industry-Leading TLC 3D NAND Solutions for Flagship Smartphones

Advanced smartphone experiences — driving need for faster access to data

Today’s mobile devices are smarter than ever. Recent innovations are enabling entirely new ways of interacting with smartphones, including advanced user authentication, augmented reality, natural language recognition and personalized imaging capabilities. These advanced user experiences are being made possible by artificial intelligence (AI), which is driven by dedicated on-chip AI processing engines. These smartphone AI engines rely on faster and more efficient access to local data and storage.

Mobile TLC 3D NAND componentFast, high-capacity NAND storage solution

If you’re designing a next-generation mobile user experience, Micron’s innovative 64-layer triple-level cell (TLC) 3D NAND technology solves the storage performance challenge. It delivers the speed and features you require — with higher capacity than previous generation NAND technologies. By utilizing our CMOS under Array (CuA), our new mobile NAND products pack more storage cells into a smaller die area to deliver the industry’s smallest physical footprint for a 32GB die. Our unique approach places all of the flash memory layers on top of the logic array, maximizing the use of space in the smartphone design.

Key benefits

  • High performance: Get dramatically faster performance versus planar NAND with 3D NAND’s enhanced performance features and the ultra-fast interface of our UFS products.
  • Enhanced reliability: Deliver better quality and reliability thanks to our 3D NAND’s use of proven floating gate cell architecture.
  • High capacity: Get double the storage density with the same package size of previous-generation TLC 3D NAND.
  • Power efficiency: Significantly reduce peak power consumption with Micron’s peak power management feature.
  • Small form factor: Build in the industry’s smallest 32GB TLC 3D NAND die — ideal for ultra-small form factor devices.