Micron Announces Collaboration with Leading Video Surveillance Solution Providers to Promote "Surveillance-Grade" Edge Storage

New 256GB industrial microSD card delivers up to 30 days of surveillance video storage at the edge

Micron announces general availability of the 128GB and 256GB density of edge storage microSD card solutions and collaboration with several leading professional video surveillance solution providers to promote surveillance-grade edge storage as well as general availability of the 128GB and 256GB density of edge storage microSD card solutions. Built on Micron’s industry-leading 64-layer 3D TLC NAND technology, the newly released solutions enable greater capacity in a smaller space, delivering up to 30 days of surveillance video storage in the camera itself.

Edge storage in video surveillance requires industrial-quality memory


Edge storage technology — the recording of video and storing it in the camera instead of in a centralized recording facility across the network — is quickly gaining acceptance and is being more broadly adopted into IP video surveillance applications.

Selecting a microSD card specifically designed for IP video surveillance cameras can bring more value and enhance system performance by providing recording redundancy, optimizing network load reduction and lowering overall TCO.

Micron industrial microSD card key benefits

  • High endurance: Support for 3 years of high-quality, continuous 24/7 video recording.
  • Outstanding recording performance: Optimized firmware provides stable performance for 24x7 high-quality video recording with minimal frame drops.
  • Industrial quality: Reliable, high quality with 2 million hours mean time to failure (MTTF) or an annualized failure rate of 0.44%.; 2X the reliability of surveillance HDDs used in NVRs today.
  • Smart tool for health monitoring: Health monitoring feature for IP camera integration reports card usage and lifetime remaining and can be integrated into system software to alert end users.
  • Industry-leading 3D NAND: Micron’s high-capacity industrial microSD cards are built using the industry’s smallest 32GB TLC 3D NAND die.