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3D NAND Media Kit

Micron and Intel Unveil New 3D NAND Flash

Micron Technology and Intel Corporation today announced the availability of their 3D NAND technology, the world’s highest-density flash memory. This new 3D NAND technology stacks layers of data storage cells vertically with extraordinary precision to create storage devices with three times higher capacity than competing NAND technologies. This enables more storage in a smaller space, bringing significant cost savings, low power usage, and high performance to a range of mobile consumer devices as well as the most demanding enterprise deployments.

Learn more about 3D NAND    Read the press release

Micron and Intel 3D NAND Webcast

Product Images

Innovative process architecture techniques extend Moore’s Law
for flash storage to bring significant improvements in density
and lower the cost of NAND flash

3D NAND Die with M.2 SSD
Enables gum stick-sized SSDs with more than 3.5 terabytes (TB) of

3D NAND Wafer Close-Up
Micron and Intel unveil new 3D NAND technology with three times
higher capacity than other NAND die in production