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Micron® SolidScale Platform Architecture Media Kit

Micron Architecture Set to Unleash Maximum Potential of NVMe Storage

Did you know that customers using NVMe SSDs today are only using an estimated 30% to 40% of NVMe’s IOPS and capacity? That’s a lot of untapped value. With the new Micron® SolidScale™ platform architecture, they’ll be able to unlock the full potential of NVMe’s performance and value and share it across applications.

The SolidScale architecture innovates ahead of NVMe over Fabric (NVMeF) technology to deliver the benefits of shared storage along with the performance of a localized deployment, bringing forward the anticipated benefits of NVMeF while intercepting the standard when it matures. The result? Quick data delivery thanks to its extremely high throughput and faster time to results because of its unprecedented low latency. Plus, it provides the agility needed to deploy applications faster and scale without limits.

A Storage Revolution is at Hand

NVMeF Animation

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