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M510DC SSD Media Kit

Micron Boosts Data Center Storage Security With New SATA Solid State Drive Featuring Enterprise Data Encryption

Take on the read-heavy demands of data center appliances, content delivery networks, virtual environments, or database management with our enterprise-ready M510DC SSD. The M510DC combines a suite of firmware data protection features with the market’s first true TCG Enterprise-level data encryption for SSDs—a capability that is of paramount importance to the highly scrutinized medical, banking, and government industries.

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Case Studies and Testimonials


MetVet’s DICOM imaging servers use Micron’s M510DC SSDs to improve streaming time of large images, which increases the number of images that can be read in a day, which increases revenue for MedVet.
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Clayton Bank

Clayton Bank uses Micron's M510DC SSD—an enterprise-level SSD that addresses the needs of the write-heavy, server-burdening banking environment at a considerable cost savings.
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Christopherson Business Travel

Pediatric Associates