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M500DC SSD Media Kit

SATA SSD Delivers Real Value to Data Center Platforms

Micron’s M500DC SATA SSD‘s enhanced features and optimized endurance—along with its excellent sustained random performance—meet the 24/7 demands of enterprise applications that require 1 to 3 drive fills per day. The M500DC helps protect data integrity and extend drive life by using Micron’s extended performance and enhanced reliability technology (XPERT) features—including data path protection, power-loss protection, and adaptive read management.

We designed the M500DC in response to customer requests for an SSD that delivers more enterprise-centric features than a client drive—but at a more broadly accessible price point than other enterprise drives. Our in-depth understanding of enterprise customer needs, coupled with our unique ability to optimize NAND Flash, results in a drive that’s the perfect fit for mainstream enterprise applications, including big data analytics, video-on-demand (VOD) streaming, virtualization, and read caching.

Product Brief

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Micron M500DC SSD


A start-to-finish view of how Micron develops SSDs.