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16nm NAND Media Kit

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16nm MLC NAND: The World’s Most Advanced Process

Our 16nm NAND technology is not only the leading Flash process, but it is also the most advanced processing node for any sampling semiconductor device. It improves on our award-winning planar cell design to create a highly compact storage solution.

Our advanced 16nm technology is also enabling a new 128Gb MLC device for applications that demand high-capacity storage in small form factors— including consumer SSDs, removable storage (USB drives and Flash cards), tablets, ultrathin devices, mobile handsets, and data center cloud storage.

Press Release

Micron Unveils 16-Nanometer Flash Memory Technology

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16nm NAND 16nm NAND Wafer 16nm NAND Die

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Micron’s new 16nm NAND—the world’s most advanced semiconductor process—provides 16GB of storage on a single die. The company says the new storage technology will be released on next-generation SSDs in 2014.

Micron’s new 16nm NAND—the world’s most advanced semiconductor process—sets new benchmarks for solid state storage. Using this process, a single 300mm wafer like the one pictured can create nearly 6 terabytes of storage—the equivalent of about 1,300 DVDs.

Micron’s new 16nm NAND process provides the greatest number of bits per square millimeter at the lowest cost of any MLC device in existence. Just eight of these die could hold 128GB of data—enough to run a typical user’s laptop computer.