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Micron Ignite(s) Your Microsoft Solutions with Advanced Memory and SSDs

Tony Ansley - September 19, 2018

Why is Micron at Microsoft Ignite? Because we understand data.

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40 Years Strong, Getting Stronger: How Innovation and Tenacity Have Shaped Our 40 Years

Corporate Communication - September 19, 2018

Hear from a Micron vice president about how Micron's values of innovation and tenacity have been important since Micron's early days.

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Arm Yourself with Micron and Cavium Solutions

Tony Ansley - September 18, 2018

Server SoC based on Arm is one technology trend that shows promise and that uses advanced storage technologies right out of the gate.

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Get Even More out of your QLC for SQL Server

Dilim Nwobu - September 12, 2018

Compared to the original 5210 ION configuration, adding the NVDIMMs cut our stream time by more than half.

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40 Years Strong, Getting Stronger: People Have Always Been Our Greatest Asset

Corporate Communication - September 12, 2018

Hear from a Micron employee who was here at the beginning about how Micron's programs have been set up to develop and retain our most precious asset over the years.

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Micron Innovation is Fueling the Industrial IoT

Aditi Sheth - September 10, 2018

Two Micron executives have recently made IoT ONE’s list of the Top 100 Industrial IoT Influencers.

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Micron Is Virtually Unbeatable at VMworld 2018

James Meeker - September 06, 2018

Our team just came back from five days of innovation with the industry’s top thought leaders, subject-matter experts, and IT professionals.

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40 Years Strong, Getting Stronger: Meet the Pioneers of Micron

Corporate Communication - September 05, 2018

As part of Micron’s 40th anniversary celebration, we’re bringing you stories from our employees who were here at the beginning and have seen the company’s values take shape over the years.

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Micron delivers GDDR6 production performance as NVIDIA’s launch partner on GeForce RTX graphics platforms

Ralf Ebert - September 05, 2018

Later this year and moving into 2019 will be when where the sensation of gaming and graphics will spread beyond the traditional gamers as the euphoria of what high end hardware capability extends...

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13th Micron Customer Lab Opens

Barbara Kolbl - September 05, 2018

Micron’s customer labs provide customers and ecosystem partners access to world class system engineering expertise.

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How your Smartphone is Accelerating the Personalization of the Connected Car

September 04, 2018

What does the smartphone offer to automotive technology? The opportunity to offer richer capabilities that go far beyond entertainment.

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Evolving Neural Network Intelligence with Memory Solutions

August 31, 2018

By mimicking the connections of our neurons, neural networks can achieve new levels of artificial intelligence.

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