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Micron ships over 150K Automotive Grade LPDDR4 Devices

Barbara Kolbl - June 20, 2018

Micron’s automotive-qualified LPDDR4 products offer the density, performance and power to address the demands of the highest-performance automotive applications.

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Deep Learning Drives Automotive Memory Bandwidth

Robert Bielby - June 18, 2018

Artificial intelligence based on deep neural networks is transforming the automotive market.

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Micron Publishes 2018 Sustainability Report

Demi Fisher - June 14, 2018

With the publication of our third annual sustainability report, we're able to share the care and effort we put into operating with integrity around the world.

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How to Develop a Best-of-Breed Storage Solution to Deliver Record-Breaking Performance

Greg Kincade - June 13, 2018

WekaIO and Micron Technology share some of the exciting performance results from combining massively scalable file storage from WekaIO and Micron NVMe SSDs.

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Machine Learning, Read-Intensive Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Analytics: Three Data Center Workloads That Can Benefit From QLC Technology Right Now

Doug Rollins - June 05, 2018

In this blog, we take a quick look at QLC and highlight a few applications that are ideal fits.

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Make Hadoop 36% Faster with a Little Flash Memory

Greg Kincade - June 04, 2018

Data managers often presume that certain storage devices fit best into certain workloads – but today’s high-performance SSDs and memory have created a new world.

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Making Use of Fast Data's Golden Potential

May 31, 2018

What does an assortment of data look like? When Micron Business Development Manager Eric Caward pictures a collection of data, he envisions a mountain, where each individual piece of dirt and rock...

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The Future Direction of Auto Storage

Chris Bueb - May 31, 2018

With over 28 years’ commitment to the automotive market, Micron’s LPDDR4 products meet the demands of high-performance automotive applications.

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On the Road to Full Autonomy: Self-Driving Cars Will Rely on AI and Innovative Memory

May 30, 2018

Autonomous cars are evolving from futuristic dream to modern reality, and as the technology matures, personal and public transportation will be forever transformed. Eventually, driverless cars will...

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Artificial Intelligence in Your Smartphone? You’ll Need Faster Storage.

May 29, 2018

Because the AI chips in these phones must be able to deliver speedy, accurate decisions from local data, they are reliant upon faster and more innovative system memory and storage.

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Ceph BlueStore vs. FileStore: Object performance comparison when leveraging Micron NVMe SSDs.

Ryan Meredith - May 29, 2018

RHCS 3.0 + the Micron 9200 MAX NVMe SSD on the Intel Purley platform is super fast.

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Ceph BlueStore vs. FileStore: Block performance comparison when leveraging Micron NVMe SSDs.

Ryan Meredith - May 29, 2018

BlueStore is the new storage engine for Ceph and is the default configuration in the community edition.

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