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Emerging Technologies

Innovation. The word gets thrown around a lot these days, for everything from toasters to car tires. But we don’t take it lightly. We’re constantly driving our designs to better efficiency and performance; helping lay a foundation that lets you deliver products that weren’t possible just a few years ago.

3D XPoint Technology

3D XPoint™ technology is a major breakthrough in memory process technology that addresses the need for nonvolatile, high-performance, high-endurance, high-capacity storage-class memory.

Breakthrough Nonvolatile Memory Technology

3D XPoint technology is an entirely new class of nonvolatile memory that can help turn immense amounts of data into valuable information in real time. By dramatically increasing the performance and endurance capabilities over traditional nonvolatile storage, it provides an entirely new set of capabilities to system designers, enabling new ways to deal with the deluge of information in big data applications.

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Automata Processing

Micron’s Automata Processor (AP) is a programmable silicon device, capable of performing high-speed, comprehensive search and analysis of complex, unstructured data streams.

The Challenge of Complex, Unstructured Data

Many of today’s most challenging computer science problems involve very large data structures, unstructured data, random access, or real-time data analysis. These computationally intensive problems are not well aligned with traditional CPU and memory system architectures; they require a fundamentally new approach to computing. Micron’s Automata Processor is a massively parallel computer architecture that provides dramatic processing efficiencies.

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