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Getting more performance with Micron® 5210 ION SSDs and a BI/DSS workload on Microsoft® SQL Server: platform tuning and tempdb placement

With the release of the world’s first QLC SSD, the Micron 5210 ION, our team has been tinkering away to find ways to further maximize its value with different workloads and enterprise applications.

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Boost Ceph Block Performance with Rhel 7.5, Ceph Luminous and the Micron 9200 Max NVMe SSD

Ceph plus the Micron 9200 MAX NVMe SSD on the Intel Purley platform is super fast.

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Micron and Microsoft Enable Your Cloud Ready Data Center

The amalgamation of compute, storage, and networking into a single, software defined infrastructure has revolutionized the industry.

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Managing immense data growth is a balancing act. Tip the scales in your favor.

SSDs drive results for large data sets, helping you maintain your datacenter’s capacity/performance balance.

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Five Quick Tips to Configure and Test Your All-flash vSAN

This post offers five tips that can help make your vSAN planning easier and keep your customers happier.

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Top Five Reasons Micron Cloud Solutions Should be on your Horizon

Cloud computing may no longer be the newest thing in IT, but it may now be the most important thing.

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Accelerating Apache Hadoop 3.1 based distribution: Analyzing the Right Data at the Right Time

We used to build data lakes. Now we fill data oceans.

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Discover the Key to Maximizing Oracle® OLTP Per-CPU Licensing

Micron SATA SSDs deliver with Oracle and OLTP enormous commits per minute, faster and more consistent responses & lower overall CPU utilization with higher CPU-based licensing value.

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How to Develop a Best-of-Breed Storage Solution to Deliver Record-Breaking Performance

WekaIO and Micron Technology share some of the exciting performance results from combining massively scalable file storage from WekaIO and Micron NVMe SSDs.

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Machine Learning, Read-Intensive Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Analytics: Three Data Center Workloads That Can Benefit From QLC Technology Right Now

In this blog, we take a quick look at QLC and highlight a few applications that are ideal fits.

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Make Hadoop 36% Faster with a Little Flash Memory

Data managers often presume that certain storage devices fit best into certain workloads – but today’s high-performance SSDs and memory have created a new world.

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The Future Direction of Auto Storage

With over 28 years’ commitment to the automotive market, Micron’s LPDDR4 products meet the demands of high-performance automotive applications.

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