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How Do You Take Your VSAN?

It might not be as easy as placing an order at your nearest coffee shop, but the pervasiveness of virtualization in the data center is creating a multitude of different virtual storage area network...

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Taking the Storage Revolution on the Road This Fall

We’ve teamed up with WPG Americas to offer our first-ever joint roadshow event, The Future is Solid, in three cities this fall. Coming to Chicago (Oct. 7), Boston (Oct. 13) and Jersey City (Oct....

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Micron Takes SOLID Around the World and Forms Strategic Collaboration With Huawei

Cheers from somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, as I’m en route from Shanghai, China. I just attended the 2015 Huawei Cloud Conference (HCC) where the theme was “Make it Simple, Make Business Agile.”...

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Get Faster Decision Support With Micron’s M510DC Enterprise SSD in Microsoft SQL Server

Enterprise-grade SSDs have become a mainstay of IT’s data centers. Because they have no moving parts, they excel with highly random workloads. No moving parts mean that there is no delay when...

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The Resurgence of PostgreSQL, When Used With Flash Storage

PostgreSQL, one of the original open-source relational database management systems (RDBMS), is seeing a strong resurgence in the industry. A recent Gartner report states that “By 2018, more than...

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The Power to Change Lives With Memory

Meet Phrazer: a breakthrough medical device from GeaCom, Inc., that lets patients interact with their healthcare providers in their native language. Phrazer gets accurate patient information to the...

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Not All 3D is Created Equal

If you follow these things, then you know that 3D NAND has the industry buzzing. Of course it does, because it’s our future. It puts flash memory on an aggressive scaling curve, meaning we’ll...

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Doug’s IT Tech Tip: Why You Need to Use Flash for Virtualization

“Latency kills revenues.” If you had the pleasure of attending VMworld in San Francisco this week, you probably heard this in the keynote presentation. And it’s absolutely true. Let me explain...

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Join Micron at VMworld 2015

Virtual SAN. Make it SOLID. That’s our mantra this week at VMworld 2015: “Make it SOLID.” Last year at VMworld, Micron demonstrated the all-flash version of VMware’s Virtual SAN (VSAN). This...

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2015: The Summer of SOLID

We had a very busy summer, one that reached its high point in mid-August with the Flash Memory Summit (FMS). During our FMS keynote, we brought Geoffrey Moore, author of the book Crossing the...

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A SOLID Showing at Flash Memory Summit

The Flash Memory Summit is one of the most significant conferences held annually to address the latest developments and market trends in flash memory. Just as we have been every year, Micron was at...

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Join Us Online to Simplify SQL Management to Save Time and Money

Businesses don’t stand still, and database administrators need to keep one step ahead just to stay in the game. But keeping up with the complexities and mechanics of everyday DBA tasks leaves...

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