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Intelligence Accelerated: Highlights from Insight 2018

Insight '18 has concluded, but it's not too late to see what Micron CEO Sanjay Mehrotra and other tech luminaries said about the future of AI.

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Establishing Trust in your Electronics Supply Chain

Modern capabilities demand ever more capable processing and semiconductor memory.

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Five Ways to the 5G Future with Micron

Vast and fast is the major theme in the 5G digital transformation infrastructure being built on Micron technology.

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Micron’s All-Flash SATA Reference Architecture for Microsoft Hyper-V and Storage Spaces Direct Continues to Illustrate SSD Benefits for HCI

Using SSDs for HCI can result in fast, highly-scalable solutions, but SSDs are only one component of the overall design: Server choice plays a major role.

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Micron Ignite(s) Your Microsoft Solutions with Advanced Memory and SSDs

Why is Micron at Microsoft Ignite? Because we understand data.

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Arm Yourself with Micron and Marvell Solutions

Server SoC based on Arm is one technology trend that shows promise and that uses advanced storage technologies right out of the gate.

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Get Even More out of your QLC for SQL Server

Compared to the original 5210 ION configuration, adding the NVDIMMs cut our stream time by more than half.

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Micron Is Virtually Unbeatable at VMworld 2018

Our team just came back from five days of innovation with the industry’s top thought leaders, subject-matter experts, and IT professionals.

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QLC Pushing Enterprise HDDs Into Obscurity for Big Data Solutions

As the economics of flash continue to move ever closer to that of legacy HDDs, SSDs are becoming hard to ignore.

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UFS and NVMe System Overhead

In all four examined workloads, NVMe performs significantly better because the storage SW stack is significantly simpler.

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Using a GPS to Navigate Your Way to a Smooth, Predictable vSAN 6.7 Deployment

When you’re navigating your trip to a vSAN 6.7 deployment, a Micron Reference Architecture is a bit like GPS.

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UFS and NVMe Storage Stack and System-Level Performance in Embedded Systems

UFS and NVMe are offering great interface speeds that allow systems to make use of the underlying speed of NAND technologies.

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