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Freescale Forum Attendees Score Free Micron TWRPI Modules

Earlier this month, I attended the Freescale Technology Forum (FTF) at the Gaylord Conference Center in Dallas, TX. FTF is a unique networking and learning opportunity for embedded designers.

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Accelerating System Bandwidth with Serial Memory Solutions Using Hybrid Memory Cube Technology

For over 4 years, Micron and Altera have been collaborating on HMC technologies. This ongoing work led to the industry’s first demonstration of a working HMC controller, announced last September...

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Automata Processor: It’s Not Just About Speed and Power Consumption

At Supercomputing 13 (SC13), I participated in a discussion panel on the topic of reconfigurable computing. One recurring theme expressed by the audience was disappointment that the industry is not...

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Addressing the tFAW Effect for DDR3

Today we announced a solution for an intrinsic DDR3 timing constraint that has been impacting our customers’ system performance. This is great news for networking apps, where tRRD and tFAW timing...

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A Look Back at SC13

I attended this year’s Supercomputing Conference (SC13) a few weeks ago and have finally had a chance to sift through all the news announcements, technical sessions, and meeting notes to provide...

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Standout Features of New Serial NOR

We’ve just released our latest 45nm Serial NOR MT25Q high-density product family that brings several benefits to embedded designs like set-top boxes (STBs), networking infrastructure equipment...

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Automata Processing: Like Mining Gold From Seawater

At last, my friends, my mother, and the rest of the world get to learn what I’ve been working on—in secret—since I came to Micron exactly three years ago. At the venerable Supercomputing Conference...

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HMC Arrives Just in Time to Be Your New Standard for Memory Performance: Part 3

Back again with part 3 of my blog series outlining the features and benefits of Micron’s HMC. My last post covered HMC’s abstracted memory management, simplified and scalable interface, and...

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HMC Arrives Just in Time to Be Your New Standard for Memory Performance: Part 2

In my last post, I touched on some obstacles of traditional memory for system designers and hinted at the reasons why so many companies have selected Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC) as their new standard...

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Buzz from the Linley Tech Processor Conference – HMC and More

The week before last, I traveled 20 minutes down Highway 101 from Micron’s San Jose offices to Santa Clara to attend the 7th Annual Linley Tech Processor Conference. The small (just over 400...

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Custom is the New Commodity: Different Platforms for Different Markets

Earlier this month I delivered the keynote address at the LexisNexis HPCC Engineering Summit. It was entitled, Custom is the New Commodity. It’s exciting to be asked to attend the internal...

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HMC Arrives Just in Time to Be Your New Standard for Memory Performance

Time-to-market and the ability to “tweak” an existing design to achieve that next level of performance are paramount for system architects, board designers, layout engineers, and others responsible...

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