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Micron delivers GDDR6 production performance as NVIDIA’s launch partner on GeForce RTX graphics platforms

Later this year and moving into 2019 will be when where the sensation of gaming and graphics will spread beyond the traditional gamers as the euphoria of what high end hardware capability extends...

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Micron Announces Shift in High-Performance Memory Roadmap Strategy

Micron is now turning our attention to the needs of the next generation of high-performance compute and networking solutions.

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Persistent Memory Virtualized with vSphere 6.7

75% of servers in the market are now virtualized. Until now, none of those virtualized servers could take advantage of NVDIMM persistent memory.

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Do Data Differently: The Storage Technology Horizon

My vantage point as Micron’s vice president of Storage Solutions Marketing allows me to offer some trends and developments we might see in 2019.

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Memory for Autonomous Vehicle Black-Box Recorders

Micron’s system architecture team works closely with automotive customers and helps them to optimize the system and choose the right memory devices for such black box applications.

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Memory Driven: GDDR6 in Automotive

We are witnessing a revolution in the automobile industry: Consumers expect their car to be an extension of their digital world.

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Micron ships over 150K Automotive Grade LPDDR4 Devices

Micron’s automotive-qualified LPDDR4 products offer the density, performance and power to address the demands of the highest-performance automotive applications.

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Deep Learning Drives Automotive Memory Bandwidth

Artificial intelligence based on deep neural networks is transforming the automotive market.

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The Future Direction of Auto Storage

With over 28 years’ commitment to the automotive market, Micron’s LPDDR4 products meet the demands of high-performance automotive applications.

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Micron GDDR6 presentation wins DesignCon 2018 Best Paper award

The paper Micron presented at DesignCon 2018 was honored as a DesignCon 2018 Best Paper for its outstanding contributions to DesignCon educational goals.

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Micron is leading the charge with DDR5 to improve the performance baseline for tomorrow's applications

Providing products and solutions with confidence is really about getting applications to higher bandwidths faster.

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Automotive GDDR6 Aids Designing and Testing High Reliability Systems

Leading to capabilities never imagined, Micron’s automotive compliant GDDR6 SGRAM is driving performance in automotive to new levels.

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