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Lessons from Linley

Though I left Boise the morning of February 5 at 0-dark-hundred to catch a puddle-jumper down to SFO, my morning fatigue soon waned as I found myself standing under bright lights at a Hyatt Regency...

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Micron's Chief Technologist Featured in EDN's Profiles in Design Series

Last week, our very own Tom Pawlowski was featured in EDN's Profiles in Design series leading up to his keynote address at this year's DesignCon.

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A Look Back at SC13

I attended this year’s Supercomputing Conference (SC13) a few weeks ago and have finally had a chance to sift through all the news announcements, technical sessions, and meeting notes to provide...

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See HMC Live!

Our just-announced Altera/HMC reference boards represent an industry first in two ways. Not only are they the industry’s first public demonstration of HMC’s interoperability with FPGAs, but Altera...

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Dean's List: ISC'13 Part 3

Guten Tag on my last day at ISC in Leipzig. My panel on Memory System Design took place Thursday morning. My three panelists—Dr. Jae Jeong from Samsung, Todd Farrell from Micron, and Roger...

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Dean's List: ISC'13 Part 2

Greetings again from the International Supercomputing Conference in Leipzig, Germany. This picture of the train station in Leipzig is, I'm told, the biggest in Germany. But what’s even bigger? The...

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Dean's List: ISC'13

Reporting to you (almost) live from this year's International Supercomputing!

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IEEE Workshop Inspires Students, Industry Leaders

The recently held 2013 IEEE Workshop on Microelectronics and Electron Devices (WMED) proved that even those who shape the future of technology can learn from colleagues, educators and...

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Dean’s List – Observations from CES 2013

3,100 exhibitors, 150,000 attendees and 100 breakfast-buffet options. What could it be but the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show, an event that surely must be the bane of every stiletto-heeled...

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SC12: Dean's List

Just back from SC12, the huge show highlighting huge computers capable of tackling huge problems while ringing up huge power bills. There, you have the highlights in a nutshell!

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X Marks the Spot for Avnet’s Technical Training Road Show

We’re ready to hit the road for X-fest 2012, Avnet and Xilinx’s 22-city tour that takes free technical training to FPGA, DSP, and embedded system designers around the globe. Our experts will be...

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