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Micron’s Enterprising Storage Solutions Center

There can be no doubt – flash and emerging non-volatile memory (NVM) like 3D XPoint are having a profound impact on the storage industry, and will for decades to come. More so than any technology...

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Fast Storage and Live Music

Right up front, you’re probably asking, “What in the world do disaster recovery and secure data erase have to do with each other?” Well, I’m glad you asked.

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Summer 2015 Storage Reading List

Summer at Micron’s Storage Software Design Center (SSDC) in Austin, Texas means 90 degrees is a cool day, shade is at a premium, and your best friend is the one with a lake house. That, and there...

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Micron’s Commitment to Software

Micron is establishing a Storage Software Design Center (SSDC) in Austin, TX, to complement and build on the great work done by the Micron teams that develop our SSD firmware and management tools....

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Flash—It Changes Everything

Storage systems based on hard disk drives (HDDs) became available in 1956, and storage software developers have spent the nearly 60 years since working around their physical limitations. But...

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