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State of the Micron Flash Union – Part 2: Designing for the Enterprise Data Center

In part 1 of this blog series we talked about the new ‘SSD Nation’, built on the SOLID foundation of flash storage. Now that we have laid a firm foundation with a new, more SOLID, architecture plan...

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State of the Micron Flash Union – Part 1: Building an ‘SSD Nation’.

Talking with customers over last 9 months has been exciting for me and for my colleagues here at Micron. The market evolution and the direction we see flash going is encouraging. Not only for...

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Coming into the Light: The correct way to view Flash Storage

I have to admit- given all the current hype - I am going to break from my previous Star Trek homage blog posts and spend this blog relating to the ‘other’ Star related franchise (although...

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To Boldly Go Where Every HDD has Gone Before

In my last few posts, I’ve referenced one of my favorite franchises, Star Trek, and it would be wrong to divert from that path. If we equate the data center to the Borg and look at the troubles...

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The Trouble With Tribbles: Data Center Growth and Controlling the Population

In my last blog I made some references to the BORG as it related to data center development. This time around, in keeping with my Trekkie theme, I thought I would look at the furrier side of...

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Resistance is Futile: Terraforming the Data Center

The greatest threat ever to Starfleet was the BORG, a collective that adapted and evolved using technology that wasn’t their own. Through this process, the BORG became a “super villain” in the...

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Reflecting on 2014 and Reaching for the Clouds in 2015

Over the last 12 months, the industry associated with all things “Cloud” has seen some significant changes. As I sit back to reflect on 2014, I can’t help but recall some interesting highlights and...

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China and Storage: A View from the Huawei Cloud Congress, Shanghai

Traveling around China this week and talking to customers, media, and industry experts was an eye-opener. The message that came through the loudest: enterprises in China are cost-conscious, but...

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Certifiably Awesome: Our Enterprise SSD Receives Rave Reviews

I try not to brag too much when Micron really hits the mark with our products—but in this case, I just can’t help being overly excited about sharing the recent recognition that our M500DC SATA...

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Using SSDs to Accelerate Virtual Environments – A Risk-Free Trial

What’s the most logical method to extend support of virtual server platforms and VMWare usage models with SSD storage? Software solutions that make the most of the existing infrastructure while...

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Introducing the P400m SSD—Customized for the Enterprise

You may have heard that our new P400m enterprise SSD provides workhorse performance and endurance at a competitive price point for data center applications. And, you may be wondering how? The...

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Enabling Business Application Acceleration—Without Changing Existing Software of Data Storage

Recently Micron chose to work with a few select organizations to support SSD enablement in the market. While doing due diligence and research to ensure the best support possible for our customers...

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