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Micron is leading the charge with DDR5 to improve the performance baseline for tomorrow's applications

Providing products and solutions with confidence is really about getting applications to higher bandwidths faster.

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DDR5 early collaboration with validation silicon enables the data currency of tomorrow

As systems feel the pressure of improving, the drive for increasing bandwidth for next generation memory is priority #1.

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What’s Next for Persistent Memory?

In my last update discussing the significant momentum for NVDIMM I left you hanging a bit—what’s next? First, I’m happy to announce that Micron is currently sampling a 16GB NVDIMM module that will...

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The Dawn of Persistent Memory

A lot has happened since our persistent memory announcement nearly a year ago. So much so that I felt like it was time for quick update. We saw significant interest from major OEMs in our NVDIMM...

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Computing the Way It Should Be

Have you been working on an important project and kicked your computer’s power cord or had the system freeze, and just because you hadn’t saved it to disk yet you lost that work forever? It’s one...

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Lessons from Linley

Though I left Boise the morning of February 5 at 0-dark-hundred to catch a puddle-jumper down to SFO, my morning fatigue soon waned as I found myself standing under bright lights at a Hyatt Regency...

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Netbooks: A New Frontier for Solid State Drives, If Done Right
Ryan Baxter
January 23, 2009

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