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All Blog Posts by Rob Peglar

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A Solid View from the Field – Observations of Real Customers trying to Solve Real Workloads

Greetings everyone – it’s nice to be back on the Micron Storage blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed my series on the positive impact of Micron SSDs via my series ‘In the Homelab’. Even though the homelab...

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Experiences in the Home Lab – Comparing Hybrid and All-Flash VSAN

Happy 2016 to all! I wish you all the best for the year. After enjoying some time off during the holidays with my family, during the ‘short week’ in-between Christmas and New Year’s Day, I spent...

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Mode 2 Infrastructure and Flash – a SOLID Approach

Recently, I was invited to speak at the Gartner Symposium in Orlando, Florida. The presentation I chose to deliver was on the importance of flash in mode 2 data center designs. What’s “mode 2”, you...

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Experiences in the Home Lab – with Micron P420m PCIe SSD, Part 4

The purpose of my exercise here not to knock the competition, but to establish to what degree using a PCI-E SSD is superior to using a SATA SSD for enterprise workloads, such as Exchange as...

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Experiences in the Home Lab With Micron P420m PCIe SSD, Part 3

Greetings once again from the homelab! In my last blog post, I described my findings running 4KB I/Os using the Micron P420M PCI-E SSD. Now, I’d like to summarize what I’ve found with 32KB I/O – a...

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Experiences in the Home Lab With Micron P420m PCIe SSD, Part 2

Hello again, and greetings from my home lab, where I’ve had the pleasure of running Micron’s P420m PCIe solid state drive (SSD). In my last post, I described my initial experiences—through...

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Experiences in the Home Lab With Micron P420m PCIe SSD, Part 1

I’m an engineer at heart and believe strongly that, in this industry, we must keep our technical skills sharp by doing hands-on work. Those of you that know me well know that I’ve had a home lab...

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A Trip Around the Storage Block Leads to a Flashier Future

It’s been an exciting few months since my last post. There’s good reason for the recent wave of excitement around Micron, and it goes beyond the traditional, vendor-to-OEM nature of selling our...

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