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All Blog Posts by Kevin Kilbuck

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CMOS Under the Array

CMOS Under the Array? That probably sounds like some new militaristic video game, but it is really an innovation in flash memory that enables lower cost solutions. Let me explain.

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Not All 3D is Created Equal

If you follow these things, then you know that 3D NAND has the industry buzzing. Of course it does, because it’s our future. It puts flash memory on an aggressive scaling curve, meaning we’ll...

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It’s Time for Flash

IBM recently announced two new all-flash enterprise storage solutions: the IBM FlashSystem V9000 and the IBM FlashSystem 900. Micron was invited to participate in a worldwide series of IBM events...

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Will 3D NAND Be Evolutionary, Revolutionary, or Merely Disruptive?

The answer is—all of the above! How can that be? Let’s start with the evolutionary attributes first. Quite simply, 3D NAND is still NAND. It’s a block/page-based device with a NAND interface and...

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20nm NAND: 2011 Semiconductor of the Year

Memory doesn’t always get its due. It’s a foundational computing element and one of the key reasons everything is smaller, lighter, and faster than it used to be, but it’s usually the processors...

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20nm NAND—Smaller and Better

Today, Intel and Micron announced our latest advancement of NAND process technology—20nm NAND.

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ClearNAND™ Flash–Another Reason NAND is the Best Nonvolatile Memory Available
Kevin Kilbuck
December 06, 2010
NAND Demand is on the Rise, Bolstered by the Tablet Market
Kevin Kilbuck
October 01, 2010
NAND Flash Scaling is EZ
Kevin Kilbuck
September 23, 2010
Just How Small is 25nm?
Kevin Kilbuck
February 01, 2010
World’s Most Advanced Semi Process
Kevin Kilbuck
February 01, 2010
Huge Reliability from Tiny NAND
Kevin Kilbuck
October 18, 2009

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