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OCP 2016 – Momentum, Density, Flash and Other Crazy Interesting Stuff!

I just returned from a very busy 2016 OCP Summit in San Jose, CA. Micron was an exhibitor and sponsor of the summit and Micron’s booth had plenty of traffic wanting to discuss storage and DRAM....

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Our I/O Virtualization Technology Part 2: Taking Full Advantage of SSD Performance with Micron’s PCIe SSD Sharing Technology

In my previous post, I introduced our new I/O virtualization (IOV) technology, which can provide numerous benefits to data centers. Today, I’m talking about the benefits of PCIe sharing to SSDs.

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Micron’s I/O Virtualization Technology: Helping to Create a More Manageable and Reliable Datacenter

Back in January of this year, we acquired a company named Virtensys, along with a technology that enables I/O virtualization (IOV) through PCIe sharing. This has been an exciting acquisition for us...

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