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The easy and fast way to securely remove all data from your SSD.

A couple years ago, we achieved a third-party validation for the sanitize process on our M600 Client SATA SSD. Now, we have repeated this validation with our latest Client SATA SSD, the 1100, our...

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How to securely erase Micron SATA SSDs - why data sanitization matters.

We are in an era where protecting sensitive information is crucially important, protecting data on storage devices is critical at every step in the life cycle of these devices, including at...

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Data Privacy: Protecting data at rest.

The National Cyber Security Alliance has declared January 28th, 2017 to be “Data Privacy Day.” You can follow the event with the hashtag, #PrivacyAware. Micron has joined in this effort as a...

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Self-encrypting Drives: A Success Story

Shortly after Micron’s SSD organization was created, we began engineering data security features like self-encryption into our products. Micron’s commitment to security continues with the recently...

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Skype™ for Business – Surprising Benefits with Enterprise SSDs

There’s an old saying that “the cobbler's kids always go shoeless.” This concept can be particularly true in our industry. as we build new, cutting-edge solid state storage products with our...

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3D NAND is coming to a computer near you!

Recently, my colleague Kevin Kilbuck told us about new advances Micron has been working on in 3D NAND. This is the latest-and-greatest in NAND Flash technology, and is going to allow advances in...

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Enterprise SSD Encryption Shouldn’t Be Spooky!

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is winding down here in the United States, and we are gearing up for our Halloween celebrations. As the spooks and specters float about here at the end of...

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Micron and the Drive Trust Alliance

Micron is proud to be a charter member of the Drive Trust Alliance, or DTA, which is announcing its launch this month (October 2015), which also happens to be National Cyber Security Awareness...

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Unlikely Pair: Disaster Recovery and Secure Erase

Right up front, you’re probably asking, “What in the world do disaster recovery and secure data erase have to do with each other?” Well, I’m glad you asked.

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Your Password and You

Micron has been manufacturing self-encrypting drives (SEDs) for more than half a decade. The onboard 256-bit encryption engine featured in all of our SEDs is state-of-the-art and provides the best...

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Windows 10 and Your SSD

Microsoft is preparing one of the biggest product launches in their history—the latest version of the most widespread operating system in the world: Windows 10. Probably the most talked about...

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Addressing Data Retention in SSDs

Recently, some tech sites on the web reported on a phenomenon affecting SSDs which could purportedly result in loss of data, particularly on devices which are stored in an unpowered state for...

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