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All Blog Posts by Eric Endebrock

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SSD data centers are inevitable, smart and affordable. But don’t just take our word for it.

It’s interesting to watch the velocity at which technology progresses, in many cases at an exponential rate that is both thrilling and mind boggling. How does one disseminate the vast amount of new...

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The Storage Foundation is Moving (for the First Time in Decades)

I am lucky enough to have spent over 20 years in the storage industry, and during that time the technology that enterprises use has been continually changing. From iSCSI arrays that enabled broader...

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A Glimpse into the Venture Capitalist Crystal Ball

Last week we announced the production of TLC 3D NAND that comes less than a year after we first introduced the innovative 3D NAND to the market, delivering three times the capacity of existing...

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The Misrepresentation on the Value of Data

My recent travels have taken me to some customer meetings where I have had the chance to talk to some very forward-thinking CIOs and technologists. In our conversations it has become clear to me...

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Which Flash Wave Are You Surfing?

At the Flash Memory Summit (FMS) this past August, Darren Thomas, VP of Micron’s Storage Business Unit, gave a presentation about the state of flash usage in the storage market — issuing a...

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The Top Reasons NOT to Switch to an SSD

Many of us know that moving to a solid state drive dramatically improves your computing experience—it makes booting up your laptop faster, accessing files and applications quicker and, of course,...

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Calling All Builders

Now, I know there are more than a few of you (with kids, hopefully) who will read the headline of this post and hope that I am not going to start talking about LEGO parts of recent movies. Rest...

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