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How M510DC SSD + PostgreSQL Combo Brings High Performance and Easy Scale-Up to Business Intelligence Platforms

Variety is constant, change is constant and demands are constant when designing and deploying a new business intelligence/decision support system (BI/DSS) platform. Build too small and you won’t...

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Get Faster Decision Support With Micron’s M510DC Enterprise SSD in Microsoft SQL Server

Enterprise-grade SSDs have become a mainstay of IT’s data centers. Because they have no moving parts, they excel with highly random workloads. No moving parts mean that there is no delay when...

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Doug’s IT Tech Tip: Why You Need to Use Flash for Virtualization

“Latency kills revenues.” If you had the pleasure of attending VMworld in San Francisco this week, you probably heard this in the keynote presentation. And it’s absolutely true. Let me explain...

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Build Smaller, Faster, More Efficient Clusters with Micron P420m PCIe SSD

If you work in any aspect of the enterprise storage market, it should come as no surprise when you hear about how much faster solid state drives (SSDs) are compared to even the highest-performance...

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Ignite Your Business Intelligence/Decision Support Systems Platform

Micron is at Microsoft Ignite in Chicago this week and that got me thinking about decisions. Because we all make decisions every day. There are easy ones like which tie to wear or which route to...

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Doug’s IT Tech Tip: SSDs Really Can Simplify Microsoft SQL Deployments

Whether attending industry conferences or just roaming the halls at work, I get to meet a wide cross section of people involved in the technology business—in marketing, sales, IT, design,...

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A Little Historical Perspective on Virtualization

We often hear about old trends making a comeback—like stretch pants from the 80s or your favorite “oldies” tune remixed into a new “pop” song. Sometimes the new version is better—and sometimes, we...

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SilverDraft and Micron Make Movie Magic

Not that long ago, when I heard the term, supercomputer, I immediately formed a mental image: row after row of rack after rack of massive, hulking, loud machines crunching data that came from...

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Micron SSDs Are the Only Certified Self-Encrypting Drives in the Microsoft Windows Server Catalog

Data breaches, theft, leaks, loss, and hacks—these are all scary from a personal/identity perspective, and they seem to be occurring with greater frequency. But what about data breaches, theft,...

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2014 Enterprise SSD Year in Review – Some Things Do Change

Over the last few years years, a tidal wave of change has influenced enterprise SSDs and how we use them. And over the last year, the impact has felt the strongest—bringing some extremely important...

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Doug’s IT Tech Tip: P420m SSD Is a Wise Investment for Your Virtualized Environment

There’s a ton of buzz (and a touch of hype) around solid state drives (SSDs) enabling virtualized environment success. Is any of it true? How can you be sure? In general, the promise of virtualized...

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Doug’s IT Tech Tip: Don’t Settle for “Up To” Performance in Enterprise SSDs

I’m usually pretty easy-going. I don’t get excited too easily (well—maybe a huge sale on new SSDs, a double discount on DRAM, or free rail kits with a new server purchase would do it—but aside from...

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