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All Blog Posts by Doug Rollins

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SilverDraft and Micron Make Movie Magic

Not that long ago, when I heard the term, supercomputer, I immediately formed a mental image: row after row of rack after rack of massive, hulking, loud machines crunching data that came from...

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Micron SSDs Are the Only Certified Self-Encrypting Drives in the Microsoft Windows Server Catalog

Data breaches, theft, leaks, loss, and hacks—these are all scary from a personal/identity perspective, and they seem to be occurring with greater frequency. But what about data breaches, theft,...

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2014 Enterprise SSD Year in Review – Some Things Do Change

Over the last few years years, a tidal wave of change has influenced enterprise SSDs and how we use them. And over the last year, the impact has felt the strongest—bringing some extremely important...

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Doug’s IT Tech Tip: P420m SSD Is a Wise Investment for Your Virtualized Environment

There’s a ton of buzz (and a touch of hype) around solid state drives (SSDs) enabling virtualized environment success. Is any of it true? How can you be sure? In general, the promise of virtualized...

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Doug’s IT Tech Tip: Don’t Settle for “Up To” Performance in Enterprise SSDs

I’m usually pretty easy-going. I don’t get excited too easily (well—maybe a huge sale on new SSDs, a double discount on DRAM, or free rail kits with a new server purchase would do it—but aside from...

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Doug's IT Tech Tip: Extracting the True Value of SSDs in the Big Data Ecosystem

My last tech tip, Hadoop + SSDs Don’t Create Great Value—Yet, generated quite a few discussions, which social media experts tell me is a good thing–and I agree. I think it’s important that we have...

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Doug's IT Tech Tip: Hadoop + SSDs Don’t Create Great Value—Yet

In my last IT Tech Tip blog, I discussed how raw performance is no way to measure value—both in the car industry or the IT industry—and I began to discuss the much-buzzed-about Hadoop and its use...

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Doug's IT Tech Tip: Raw Performance Is NO Way to Measure Value

Everybody loves fast, right? Instant noodles, instant cocoa, microwave popcorn—yeah, the faster, the better! So why, then, do I drive a Toyota Yaris and not some “fire-breathing monster” of a...

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Doug's IT Tech Tip: How to Interview an SSD Vendor for Your VDI Deployments

I’m the first to admit it: In the enterprise SSD world, I’m an ”insider”—and in this case, that’s not a bad thing.

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PCIe SSD Installation Is Easy: Part 2

In my last post, we debunked the myth that installing PCI Express (PCIe) SSDs is hard. In fact, it’s about as easy as turning a screw and counting to four.

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PCIe SSD Installation Is Easy: Part 1

PCI Express (PCIe) SSDs are like a good cup of French Roast coffee with a nice, fresh bagel on a crisp winter’s morning…when the sun’s just coming up over the horizon… Good stuff.

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Not All SSDs Are Created Equal — Part 2: Keeping Data Safe With Reliable SSDs

In my last post, I talked about how we optimize solid state drive (SSD) performance by improving NAND Flash management. Today, let’s discuss how...

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