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AMAX® Total Computing Solutions Finds That Micron’s 5210 ION QLC SSD Simplifies and Accelerates Deep Learning with their StorMax™ NFS

Designing a new drive and running benchmarks in the lab is one thing, but putting it through a real work test is completely different. We decided to reach out to the experts.

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The Great Endurance Race: SSDs in One Lane, HDDs in the Other

SSDs are a great fit for read-focused, emerging and traditional enterprise workloads.

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Colfax® Research: Micron’s 5210 ION Enterprise SATA QLC SSD Delivers 8x Faster Machine Learning

We’re thrilled to hear what Colfax found! Much faster completion times demonstrate a long-term view of Micron 5210 SSD value.

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Five Things to Know About AI

While AI breakthroughs might seem to be all about software, hardware also plays a key role.

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Machine Learning: Training and Implications

Flash for a Rapid Training Cycle.

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Using a GPS to Navigate Your Way to a Smooth, Predictable vSAN 6.7 Deployment

When you’re navigating your trip to a vSAN 6.7 deployment, a Micron Reference Architecture is a bit like GPS.

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Four Things You Should Know About Quad-Level Cell NAND Technology

QLC brings unique value. Here’s why.

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Managing immense data growth is a balancing act. Tip the scales in your favor.

SSDs drive results for large data sets, helping you maintain your datacenter’s capacity/performance balance.

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Five Quick Tips to Configure and Test Your All-flash vSAN

This post offers five tips that can help make your vSAN planning easier and keep your customers happier.

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Discover the Key to Maximizing Oracle® OLTP Per-CPU Licensing

Micron SATA SSDs deliver with Oracle and OLTP enormous commits per minute, faster and more consistent responses & lower overall CPU utilization with higher CPU-based licensing value.

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Machine Learning, Read-Intensive Artificial Intelligence and Real-Time Analytics: Three Data Center Workloads That Can Benefit From QLC Technology Right Now

In this blog, we take a quick look at QLC and highlight a few applications that are ideal fits.

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Drive More From Your OLTP Systems

Micron SATA 5200 SSD drives fast results, improved efficiency and value.

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