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2015: The Summer of SOLID

We had a very busy summer, one that reached its high point in mid-August with the Flash Memory Summit (FMS). During our FMS keynote, we brought Geoffrey Moore, author of the book Crossing the...

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Exec Tech Talk: A Glimpse at the Future of NAND Flash

My last few posts have looked at how we’re solidly driving—not spinning (pun intended)—the Storage business here at Micron. We have an amazing team of storage visionaries and flash experts, we have...

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Micron SBU: Building, Innovating, Partnering & Engaging

It’s been an exciting few months since my last post. There’s good reason for the recent wave of excitement around Micron, and it goes beyond the traditional, vendor-to-OEM nature of selling our...

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Thankful for Change, Opportunity, and Teamwork

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to write my inaugural post about what I’m most thankful for here at Micron. Micron Storage Business Unit (SBU) and I are just nine months old (that’s...

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